How To Install & Configure Dell Printer Drivers On Mac?

When you buy any device, it is important for you to have the full knowledge; otherwise you will panic every time by thinking that there is a technical glitch in your device. Similar is the case with Dell Printer Driver and Mac OS X. If you want two of them to be linked and give printing results which are exemplary, then you need to understand the process. Both the technologies are known for numerous features and different versions in the market. Thus, at any time, if you face any issues in between the Printer and the Mac, the solution will be provided when asked.

In case, you are stumbling at the very beginning of the process, Dell Printer Technical Support Canada will help you out in that case. If you are falling short of understanding on how to install or configure your printer with Mac, solve it instantly by following these steps mentioned below:

Configuration & Installation of the Dell Printer Driver

  1. Start by visiting the official website of the Dell and there you will find the latest version of Dell printer driver, download it.
  2. Go to the Installer Wizard and complete the driver installation process.
  3. Run the file you downloaded to be installed. There are 2 options for accessing the Printer Setup Utility:
    • Go to Utilities folder > Go Menu > select Utilities > find and open Printer Setup Utility.
    • Tap on the Apple button > click on System Preferences > find and open the Print and Fax icon.
  4. When you open the icon, if you cannot find and printers added already, you will be prompted to add a new printer by clicking on the Add button.
  5. If the printer is already installed, click on the plus sign <+> and you will be get to add additional printers.

Being a top-notch technical support according to the customers we have served, in case of any difficulty in the process, you can call us at Dell Printer Support Helpline Number +1-844-478-5758. We will necessitate you when there is requirement of satisfactory resolutions. Our Online Chat Support is also open to be used as per your convenience.

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