How do I Install a Dell printer Without a Disc?

Having a hard time to install your Dell printer just because you lost your installation disc? The website of dell is updated with the feature of downloading a print driver for free specially designed for the eighth version of Windows. This means the printer is not useless anymore even without the installation disc.

Dell Technical Support Canada is always available at any moment for your assistance. You can put any Dell related questions and your queries that will be entertained by our tech-savvy experts and professionals, who believe in closing the issue the time it enters the ears of our panel.

The process of installation:-

  1. Switch on the printer and locate the product of supporting print button.
  2. Here, in the blank indicated on the screen, you are required to enter the serial number. Then, submit the same and then go for automatic detection of services tag.
  3. Go to the next directed screen and go to continuing link.
  4. Read the on-screen instruction and hit if you agreed to the same.
  5. Choose your version of the options and move for downloading it.
  6. Go run the software and save it using the double click.
  7. Continue on the printer screen to un-zip the utility and then hit the Ok button.
  8. Go on agreeing until the installation process completes. Verify the confirmation of successfully unzipping the documents.
  9. An option will be indicated on the screen through the wizard install where you are required to disconnect your technical device. Gently disconnect it.
  10. Hit the submit button to restart the PC. This will complete the process and your printer is all set for usage.

Is the process clear till now? If the answer is no, there is no need to worry because our technicians will surely have a solution for your problem. Dial our Dell Printer Technical Support Number +1-844-478-5758 and terminate your queries swiftly at any moment. You can also reach our panel through live-chat support.

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